UTAR E-Marketplace

  • Unovate Centre

    Unovate Centre has the following objectives: (a) To foster an entrepreneurial culture in the campus (b) To nurture and accelerate the successful development of young businesses or start-ups during their early years.
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  • UTAR Hospital Initiative

    Together with your support on this project, we at UTAR Hospital will be able to further extend our reach with affordable and quality healthcare services in both Western, Traditional and Complementary Medicine for the community and country. In appreciation, you’ll receive a premium-quality T-shirt and face mask which has been specially designed to symbolize the hope your donation will provide. Your support will help us move forward and continue to make difference in the lives of many.
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  • The Fashionpreneurs behind UTARLOGY

    UTARLOGY is the first-ever UTAR streetwear brand that collaborates with Stoned & Co, which is curated for the elevated lifestyle and set as a trendsetter in this new norm which is able to infuse the Utarlogists’ ideal. We wanted to be the prima-vogue that discerns the perception of youth today.
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